Vape Cartridges THC Brand

THC brand Dab Vape Cartride

THC brand Dab Vape Cartridge, full gram (1000 + hits on full)

Full gram $100.00 plus tax

This vape is a heavy THC Brand medication is made for withdrawal, heavy pain, hiv virus, cancer, glaucoma and other painful disabilities. Made with pure thc slabs and cbd than infused with codeine. This mix gives an uplifting mind and body buzz rather than a sleepy effect that pure thc can cause.

This is pure thc extraction from premium gg4. . Every vape on the market cuts their thc levels to .1 -.2 with oil, our cut is 0%. You can see the differencje in the thickness. Needs high quality battery to operate correctly. The thc in the vape will not move until hot. The taste is exactly like a pure dab.