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Top Shelf THC Brand Indoor Flower

$50 per 3.5 grams / $100 per 7 grams / $190 per 14 grams / $300 per 28 grams

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Mid Grade THC Brand Indoor Flower

$35 per 3.5 grams / $70 per 7 grams / $130 per 14 grams / $230 per 28 grams. plus tax

  • White Widow Indica (out of stock) Top Shelf THC Brand Outdoor Flower$25 per 3.5 grams / $50 per 7 grams / $100per 14 grams / $190 per 28 grams. plus tax
  • Wolverine Weed Jack Herer Sativa (Out of Stock)
  • Northern Lights Indica (out of stock)

Pre Rolls

Pre Rolled Joints $25 per flower joint or $35 for flower / wax joint.

THC Brand, one plus gram per joint. Ground OG Kush Top Shelf Marijuana, no shake used. Hand rolled by a real Californian.

Pre Rolled Dub Blunts $40 per blunt

THC brand prerolled, a dub is a 20 sack of high end og kush. Hand Rolled by a real Californian.

Dubbag Includes one gram of og kush $20

Tax not included on the above prerolls


Wax Shatter – THC brand premium wax for dabs OG Kush 1 gram for $50, tastiest wax on market. Green Crack and OG Kush, blue dream, sour diesel.

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Hash – Full gram $40.00 plus tax

One gram hash

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Vape Cartridges

THC brand Dab Vape Cartridge, full gram (1000 + hits on full)

Full gram $100.00 plus tax

This vape is a heavy THC Brand medication is made for withdrawal, heavy pain, hiv virus, cancer, glaucoma and other painful disabilities. Made with pure thc slabs and cbd than infused with codeine. This mix gives an uplifting mind and body buzz rather than a sleepy effect that pure thc can cause.

This is pure thc extraction from premium gg4. . Every vape on the market cuts their thc levels to .1 -.2 with oil, our cut is 0%. You can see the differencje in the thickness. Needs high quality battery to operate correctly. The thc in the vape will not move until hot. The taste is exactly like a pure dab.

THC brand Dab Vape Cartridge

Vape cartridge 100% CBD / THC Brand

$50 plus tax

Full gram. These vapes are 100% cbd with a 1:1 ratio oil breakdown 800+ hits for one gram, OG kush or Pineapple Express.

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Vape Juice THC Brand


1.5 ml, full 2 grams, 2000 mg thc,  THC vape juice is the purest form of thc you can find. 1:1 oil breakdown, available in gorilla glue #1, og kush and girl scout cookies. You can use THC vape juice for cooking recipes, vape smoking or ingesting raw.

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Edibles (cbd and thc)

Jolly Rancher CBD Candy Bolt Brand

$10 per piece (50 mg cbd per piece) Out of Stock

Organic CBD Jolly Rancher, watermelon, mango and pineapple express.

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Chocolate Pretzels THC Brand

$50 (10 mg thc per pretzel) 15 chocolate covered pretzels.

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THC Brand Gummies

$25 for 10 pieces (10 – 15 gram mg per gummy)

Assorted mixed gummies includes peach drops, rainbow, gummy bears and worms.

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THC Brand GUMMY LARGE BAG $50 (20 to 60 pieces)

Choose from gummy bear or worm, cotton candy belt, blueberry rings and cherry drops.

THC Brand Chocolate bars$50 per package 300 mg per package

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CBD mint topical

$50 (500mg cbd per bottle)

For pain, 2 fluid ounces.

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Smoking Accessories 

Papers with tips included (out of stock)


20 papers with tips 1 1/4 length

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Small Pipe


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Dug Out


includes cigarette pipe

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Small Grinder (Out of stock)


three chambers for grind, storage and kief collection

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Medium Grinder


three chambers for grind, storage and kief collection

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L Grinder (Out of Stock)


three chambers for grind, storage and kief collection

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XL 5″ Grinder


Professional grinder, silver metal, sturdy, made for the serious smoker. 5″ round, 3 chambers, one is for keif collection.

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Raw Roller (Out of Stock)


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Torch Lighter


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Vape pen / battery for cartridges


Available in black or dark silver. Comes with usb charger.

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Snoop Dog herbal vape (Out of Stock)


This is the famous Snoop Dog Vape, a portable electronic vaporizer for flower only.

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Micro G pen (out of stock)


Popular G Pen Vape for wax only. Comes with 2 batteries, 2 coils, 2 mouthpieces, 1 charge kit, 5 mouthpiece covers, 2 glass G containers, 1 micro tool.

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Evolve 3 n 1 vaporizer


The Yocan Evolve 3 n 1 kit allows for flower, wax and oil. Comes with evolve Atomizer, D Atomizer, C Atomizer, C metal tube, battery, extra qdc coil, extra D coil, cleaning brush, metal tool and usb charger

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Nectar Collector


For wax dabs, includes mouthpiece, dab it, titanium tip, quartz tip, glass dish.

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Wax Hitter, Oil Pipe or Crystal Meth Round Pipe. Crystal also available at $120 per gram.


Wax hitter for wax dabs. Roughly 4 inch long pipe with round base used to smoke oils, wax or hash.

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