New Client

Ordering is simple at 24 7 Marijuana Delivery Service, here are some things to know.

  • Out of State ID and passports are accepted.
  • We accept Dollars and Euros at current exchange, currently 85.00 euros = $100.00
  • Under an ounce is recreational under California State Law.
  • 24 7 delivers a 25 mile radius of Los Angeles wherever you are currently located.
  • Drop off service to LAX terminals available.
  • To place order text order and address to 213 425 4668.
  • Order will be delivered free in less than 30 minutes 24 hours a day.
  • $50 minimum purchase in Los Angeles, $60 plus outside Los Angeles.
  • THC brand Marijuana and other health products on the menu are all of exceptional quality, we only purchase and create pure, perfect product while delivering below prices of most reputable walk-in L.A. locations. Brokers come from all over the State of California and beyond to bring 24 7 unique high quality branded products.

Welcome new clients, our current new client special includes a free small pipe, raw papers or a lighter. Please mention to phone attendant which item you prefer.